Take 5 Massage
Time for You

Massage Therapy In Garnett can make your massage a therapeutic and relaxing experience! I founded my company Take 5 Massage around these 5 basic needs for a great massage:

1. Individualized: You have different goals for your massage and your goals are my goals. That is why I customize your massage for YOU, not just on the first visit but each time you receive a massage. 

2. Affordable I offer 30 to 90 minute sessions with the low cost of $1 per minute. Consultation time is always included for free before each session and on the phone prior to scheduling. 

3. Convenient: Afternoon, evening and weekend hours are designed to suit everyone's schedule. Many clients choose a recurring appointment sometimes weekly, monthly or semi-monthly. You may schedule with me by phone for the first appointment and by text thereafter.

4. Quality:  I have 10 years of experience and many happy clients, to ensure you that I have the necessary skills to make you feel comfortable and receive a great therapy. I can provide references upon request.

5. Comfort: Massage can be stressful for some who are not used to being touched. Clothed chair massage is often a good way to begin to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy. I am always happy to meet with you in person or talk on the phone prior to scheduling to answer any questions about massage that might make it a more relaxing experience. 


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