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My name is Deanna Hedrick, Massage Therapist in Garnett, Kansas. I have been licensed since 2011 after graduating from WellSpring School of Allied Health and have practiced massage in the Kansas City area since that time. I now practice out of my home office in Garnett, Kansas.

My practice includes what I refer to as Therapeutic Massage. I will work with you to find out what problems or goals you might have for your massage sessions and then choose from many of my massage therapies to design your massage. Some of my clients come to me for pain relief, others to control stress and many to find a way to keep their aging bodies functioning better.  If you can't turn your neck, or are having trouble relaxing, we can work on that. You may have chronic low back pain or maybe a recent injury that is giving you pain. Massage therapy can be a good choice for all of these problems and more!

My experience includes 2 years Corporate Chair Massage for New LIfe Massage in the Kansas City area, followed by my own practice, Take 5 Massage in Overland Park, Kansas since 2013. My specialites include Chair Massage which I still practice in my home office in Garnett; also available in your local workplace upon request. I am also a Certified Cupping Practitioner with the International Cupping Therapy Association. My Cupping practices include Fire Cupping and Facial Cupping.

I am open to inquiries about massage therapy to help you feel comfortable with massage if you have not experienced it before.


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